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For over 30 years, we have provided power security to a diverse group of customers across multiple industries. Our maintenance programs were engineered to improve the productivity and management of power demands.

Why Invest in Standby  Power?

We rely on power-sensitive electronics for  daily operations. Investment in standby generators and maintenance services are often legally required under building codes, to ensure the safe performance of high-rise elevators, fire protection systems, standby lighting, medical equipment etc. In addition, residential standby generators have become increasingly popular, providing backup power to essential household appliances, life support equipment, sump pumps, and other electrical-powered systems.

Power Outages & Standby Generator Units

Power outages are due to harsh weathering, faults at power stations, cascading failures in electricity networks, and/or damages to transmission lines.  A standby generator unit is the automatic backup source consumed by electronic devices while they are switched off or in standby mode. Once electricity is restored, the load transfers back to the utility, which then signals the generator to shut off. The system immediately returns to standby mode where it awaits the next significant outage. 

Generator Services & Sales

Standby Generator Services offers a wide range of reliable maintenance programs, including weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual and quinquennial inspections. Our maintenance programs ensure that your generator system conforms to the Canadian Standard Association, C282 guidelines. Our company is a dealer of generator units, parts and accessories. We offer installation and rental services. Please feel free to contact our office for quotations and/or general inquires.

Investment in a standby generator set is typically recouped following the first significant power outage !

 Industries and Services

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SPECialized in the MAINTENANCE and supply of stanDby Power Generation 


Since our company's inception in 1986, Standby Generator Services Inc. has specialized in the maintenance and service of emergency standby generator sets. Our dedicated team has devoted technical expertise, to proudly serve the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, and surrounding regions. We have assured power security to commercial, residential, governmental, agricultural, institutional, and industrial properties and equipment. Our operation and maintenance programs include: routine inspections and a two- hour, annual full load test, which exceed the rigid requirements set by the Canadian Standard Association, C282 guidelines.  In addition, our company provides services including, but not limited to, sales (i.e., generator units, parts and accessories), installation and rental power generation. Emergency services are fully supported 24/7 to provide 100% protection at anytime during the day or night.